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Penrhos Zero – Raspberry

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Our Penrhos Zero Raspberry. Try our amazing new 0% ABV botanical spirit.

Distilled and bottled on Penrhos Farm with a specially selected mix of botanicals including our own blueberries and blended with the juice from our farm grown raspberries. The perfect Christmas Gift for a non drinker or a great drink for a mid week tipple.

A fresh burst of fruity raspberry and hints of floral tones leaving with the taste of beautiful botanicals.


Serve over plenty of ice with tonic, raspberries and mint to create an elegant sophisticated drink. This makes the perfect gift for any non-drinkers.

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Zero Alcohol Free Raspberry Bottle



We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our first non alcoholic botanical spirit is here!

After over a year of experimenting, testing and tasting our Zero is available online and in shops and we couldn’t be happier with what we have produced.

We are the first to make a distilled non alcoholic spirit with real fruit juice, which could make us either mad or a genius! Our secret recipe consists of specially selected botanicals including junipers, peppercorns and our own wibbly-wobbly blueberries creating an elegant and sophisticated drink. 

Bottling Zero Alcohol Free Raspberry
Zero Alcohol Free Raspberry with Raspberries


As we have mentioned before, combatting fruit waste is extremely important to us and we have wanted to use our wibbly wobbly raspberries from the beginning of Penrhos Spirits journey, We saw a growing need for a gin alternative last year but we wanted ours to be different and special. After many discussion between the team we decided that creating a raspberry pink non alcoholic seemed the best way to champion our amazing raspberries grown here at Penrhos.


We wanted to make sure that our Zero held the same qualities as our gin, which meant it had to be distilled in Connie with our Penrhos blueberries and it is certainly something we are proud to include in our range. Our Penrhos Zero will quickly become your new preferred weekday tipple as we have created a gin alternative that you will enjoy drinking dry with all the flavour, ready to be enjoyed as you would your favourite gin.


Our Zero is to be served as an alternative to gin, for the days when you fancy all the flavour without the alcohol.



Always start with your favourite glass and plenty of ice, this helps to keep the drink cooler for longer and less dilution, because who wants a watery gin and tonic? Then grab Penrhos Zero and add 50ml, top up with your chosen tonic, give it a gentle stir and garnish with plenty of raspberries and mint.

Most importantly, sit back, relax and enjoy a Penrhos Zero Raspberry and tonic!

Non alcoholic Gin and Tonic

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    Refreshing drink and absolutely lovely taste. Will definitely buy this again ! Highly recommended

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