Home Grown

We grow fruit, wheat and barley with love in Herefordshire. We are passionate about using everything we produce to combat waste.

Distilling & Bottle

We distill our craft gin in our old calf shed using our copper still 'Connie' and bottle it into our recycled aluminium bottles.

We deliver. You enjoy.

We then rest our small batch gin for 48 hours and bottle in our barn. Our handcrafted gin or rum are then packed and delivered straight to your door!

Artisanal Craft Gin & Rum

Why Our Spirits are different 

At Penrhos farm in Herefordshire, we live surrounded by greenery, our bees and beautiful nature. When our imperfectly perfect fruit wasn’t good enough for the shop shelf, and was going to waste, we thought there must be a better way for our farm and the planet.

And there was… creating small-batch, artisan, copper-distilled gin and rum using our orchard and farm botanicals, grain spirit and our own natural water.

We care about the quality of our spirits as much as our homegrown ingredients. Our hand-crafted gins contain fragrant floral notes to subtle tastes of cardamom and pink pepper to fresh summer fruits – every ingredient is carefully selected for the best flavours.

Richard Williams & Charles Turner

Introducing our new 100% recycled aluminium bottles

Durable and Lightweight

Aluminium is incredibly durable and won't shatter like glass, making it a safer option for outdoor and travel use. Plus, it can be recycled and used again and again, reducing waste and protecting our planet.

Say Hello to the future​

Say hello to the future of sustainable gin packaging - aluminium bottles! Say goodbye to heavy and fragile glass bottles and switch to a lighter, stronger and more environmentally friendly solution for your favourite gin. Find out more...

What is the problem with glass?

Not only is it much heavier, the melting point of glass is over 1000 degrees more than aluminium, meaning recycling glass requires a huge amount of energy. Even worse, if it doesn't end up being recycled it will take a million years to decompose.


Can be re-used as a water bottle.

Stand Out on the Shelf

Aluminium bottles have a sleek and modern look, making them a standout option on shelves. With a unique and eye-catching design, your gin will not only taste great but look great too.


Aluminium can constantly be recycled without any change in properties, with over 75% of aluminium ever produced still in the material loop today.

Perfect for Travel

Super sleek and light, making them the easiest way to transport your gin around. Find us in London City Airport!