Dry January easy cocktail ideas

Dry January easy cocktail ideas

The best non alcoholic cocktails using penrhos zero raspberry

For those who are participating in Dry January or just keen to cut back we have the perfect spirit for you. Our Penrhos Zero is our alternative to gin. Packed full of flavour and colour using our own wibbly wobbly blueberries and raspberries that will help beat those January blues. 

Now £22 for the whole of Jan!

Zero Raspberry Tom Collins

This is a alcohol free twist on the classic ‘Tom Collins’ cocktail. It is easy to make and extremely refreshing, a great weekend or evening drink with a kick of raspberry and lemon. For those with a sweeter tooth, add more honey syrup! (Half boiling water, half honey, stir to create syrup)

Zero Collins
  • 60ml Penrhos Zero Raspberry
  • 25ml Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Honey Syrup 
  • Handful of Raspberries and Mint
  • Soda

Over ice add, Zero, lemon juice and honey syrup and give a gentle stir. Add more ice, top up with soda and garnish with raspberries and mint

Non Alcoholic Gin and Tonic

This is for the dry drinkers who are looking for an alternative to gin, or those who are curious and keen to cut back. You will have a glass full of colour and fun, making cutting back even easier!

Penrhos Zero & Tonic
  • 50ml Penrhos Zero Raspberry
  • Aromatic Tonic
  • Raspberries

Fill your chosen glass with plenty of ice and pour your Zero over the ice, top up with Aromatic tonic and garnish with fresh or frozen raspberries. 

Zero Cosmopolitan

Dry January doesn’t have to be boring, this cocktail certainly isn’t! Simple to make and even easier to enjoy. If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, you can use a jam jar instead, it is also a great way to use up any fruit that is past it’s best, freeze your berries to use them as a garnish or in your cocktails!

Zero Cosmo
  • 80ml Penrhos Zero Raspberry
  • 25ml Lemon/Lime Juice
  • 25ml Honey Syrup
  • Handful of Raspberries

Add all ingredients into your shaker and shake well with plenty of ice. Double strain into your coupe. The perfect non alcoholic raspberry Cosmo.

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