Penrhos distillery
Dickie Penrhos Spirits

Introducing Richard ‘Dickie’ Williams! 

Dickie was born at Penrhos a…. few years ago and gained his love for farming from a very young age. He would often be found in the lambing shed or on the tractor with his father Johnnie. 


Alongside being a passionate farmer dickie is a dad to three children and to his delight.. they all work at home either on the farm or in the distillery!

Penrhos Distillery

From a young age dickie had a keen eye for a game of rugby, which is where he found his long standing friendship with his fruit and gin partner, charlie. So at Penrhos we have Luctonians Rugby club to thank! 


Dickie’s role at Penrhos, alongside Charlie begins with growing the fruit, distilling, bottling and labeling and is always behind the scenes creating something new. keep your eyes peeled for his latest creation.


 Dickies perfect serve is plenty of ice, Penrhos Dry gin, a splash of tonic with a sprig of mint and a thin shaving of cucumber.