Our 2.5 litre pouches are here!

Our 2.5 litre pouches are here!

We are so excited to announced the launch of our 2.5lt refillable pouches for trade. The new pouches are part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and improving our carbon footprint, requiring less energy than glass bottles to make and transport. The pouches are also fully recyclable. At Penrhos, we are always looking for ways to improve our sustainability in both the orchards and distillery. We also understand the difficulties facing business today and these pouches offer an additional benefit to trade by being more cost effective than gin in glass. The pouches will be available in our three gins, Penrhos Dry, Rhubarb and Apple & Elderflower 2.5lt

Penrhos Handcrafted dry gin

Penrhos Dry Gin

penrhos rhurbarb gin

Penrhos apple & elderflower gin

They will be available directly and through our wholesalers, please get in touch to find out more.

o1544 231467

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