London dry Gin

We have won another award!

We are very excited to say that one year after we were awarded a gold medal at the Sip Awards in California we have now won a silver medal for our Hand-Crafted London Dry at the International Wine & Spirits Competition. This year we were judged alongside 800 other gin producers, where Penrhos was put into the London dry category.


A London Dry is the technical term for gins which start with a neutral base spirit and have included all their botanicals in the distillation phase of the production. IWSC Judges in this category were looking for a well-balanced level of botanicals to support the star of the show, the juniper. Our London Dry is distilled with our own Blueberries, Cherry Blossom and Honey and was award 91 points, therefore, handing us a silver medal. 


We are extremely pleased to be winning this award as we are thrilled with our London Dry which is also the base to our Rhubarb, Apple and Elderflower Gin and our Blueberry Liqueur. It’ is a real stamp of approval from the industry, and we’re very humbled to have Penrhos Spirits recognised in this way. Like many, we have had to adapt and change this year and it’s brilliant to be able to celebrate and cherish the little moments of happiness with an award like this.” 


Our London Dry is especially smooth, fresh and pure. We recommend serving 50ml of Penrhos Dry Gin over plenty of ice with tonic, blueberries and mint. Or to try something different, 50ml London Dry, Elderflower Tonic with sliced strawberries, cucumber and mint. Enjoy!

Penrhos Gin and Tonic
Penrhos Gin

Why do we make Copper Distilled gin?



If you have been lucky enough to see our amazing still you will know that it is absolutely stunning and we are still amazed by its beauty nearly two years on. 


When we embarked on our distilling journey it became apparent that many distilleries like to name their still. With a lot of discussion and thought we arrived on the name ‘Connie‘ for our still. Connie was the name of Dickie’s Grandmother who used to rear calves in the shed when Dickie was a child, so it seemed the perfect choice for our still which now holds the space in the converted cattle shed.  


Our still Connie holds more than just beauty and the copper plays an essential role in the process of making our Penrhos Gin. Stills can be made of many materials such as, aluminum, iron and stainless steel. However, we find that copper is the very best for one reason… TASTE.


In simple terms, the copper helps to remove any impurities that are created during the distillation process. The unwanted aromas and flavours stick to the copper and are removed, rather than into your gin meaning you are able to enjoy a super smooth London Dry gin! 

Copper Still
Apple & Elderflower gin