Celebrate World Bee Day 2023!

Celebrate World Bee Day 2023!


Bees are fundamental for the health of ecosystems and food production. For centuries our bees, have been among the hardest working creatures on the planet, have benefited us, plants and most importantly our environment. We simply wouldn’t be able to survive without bees! 

Bees on honey comb

At Penrhos Spirits, we raise a toast to the bees on our farm every World Bee Day on Saturday 20th May, and, this year, we’ve partnered with the wonderful team at WilderBee Honey to bring you a delicious, spicy twist on a classic gin cocktail, the Bee’s Knees. Here’s a few words from the brilliant people behind WilderBee Honey below:

“Being the trailblazers for hot honey here in the UK, it gives us a real buzz seeing the trend for the sweet heat spreading! And it’s not only become popular for foodies wanting to add a sweet and spicy element to cooking, it also gives the perfect kick to cocktails, from a spicy (gin) Margarita to a fiery Old Fashioned.

We take huge pride in taking care of the bees that produce our honey, using zero pesticides in the wildflower meadows where the hives are placed, following true ethical beekeeping practices and even supporting cooperative apiaries around the world to gain organic certification and bring them in line with sustainable beekeeping, giving them a route to sell through our supply chain.


We’ll be raising a glass of something spicy to the bees this World Bee Day, thanking them for not only their honey, but everything they do for our beautiful planet! And we love the Penrhos Chilli Bee’s Knees, made with our Hot Honey.”

Chilli Bee's Knees

Here’s the recipe below to get involved this World Bee Day, and have a taste of the hot honey trend that’s sweeping the nation: 

Penrhos Chilli Bee’s Knees (2 units) 


  • 50ml Penrhos Rhubarb (2 units) 
  • 25ml Chilli Honey Syrup (50:50 mix of WilderBee Honey & hot water, dissolve and let cool add 1 tsp of chilli flakes to taste)
  • 25ml Orange Juice 


  1. Combine all ingredients into a cocktail shaker
  2. Shake very well with ice 
  3. Strain into a coupe glass for a deliciously honey-infused cocktail 


We’d love to see your creations – if you get into shaking and making at home, please tag @penrhosspirits @wilderbeehoney #buzzingforbetter for a chance to be shared on our social channels. And follow along for more tips on how to help the bees at home this World Bee Day.

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