How to have a slow Christmas with Penrhos

How to have a slow Christmas with Penrhos

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This Christmas, it’s time to take it one step at a time. With all the festive fun, it’s all too easy to forget to take a moment to remember what really matters during the festive season; namely showing kindness towards our loved ones, whether with our time or with thoughtfully selected gifts. And celebrating a “slow” gin Christmas with Penrhos Spirits is all about considered consumption and savouring the season.

So slow the trolley dash down and bring that feel good factor back to Christmas shopping this year, with one sustainable swap at a time. Bottled for better sipping, Penrhos Spirits’ award-winning gin is made with imperfectly perfect fruit from Penrhos’ Fruit Farm in Herefordshire, and available in 100% recycled aluminium bottles for the first time this Christmas. Ideal for refilling, reusing and recycling for a more sustainable gin to shake up in cocktails or gift. Now available from Sainsbury’s for a simple sustainable gift swap on your Christmas food run.


On Saturday 16th December, the Penrhos team will also be heading down to Hereford town centre, offering samples and a “slow” gin wrapping service to give you back valuable time this year for spending with your loved ones. Here are a few more sustainable swap ideas below from the Penrhos team to get involved in a “slow” gin Christmas this year:


Raspberry Gin G&T
  • Forage for mistletoe for nature’s decorations – growing in the branches of hawthorn, popular and apple trees, look for open areas with plenty of light like gardens, orchards and parkland. Commonly found in Wales and Herefordshire, just make sure you only take enough for your home and don’t pick from private land! 
  • Minimise food waste in cocktails – if using citrus fruit make sure to use the whole of the fruit, squeezing out the juice and use the peel for garnishes or infusing spirits and any zest for Christmas festive bakes  
  • Make your crackers – repurposing the cardboard from toilet or kitchen roll, perforate the middle and wrap in paper, adding ties at the end. You can fill these with homemade treats or gifts and enjoy cracking with friends and family! 

A circular Christmas –  our 100% recycled aluminium bottles can be refused, refilled or even recycled when finished with. Try adding to the circular economy with your wrapping paper and purchase reusable gift bags.

And just as we focus on the art of the “slow” throughout the year, we know gin is for life and not just for Christmas. That’s why we’re giving away the chance to win a lifetime’s supply of our gin in the world’s first 100% recyclable aluminium gin bottles to give back this Christmas to our Penrhos supporters. Simply add a bottle of your favourite Penrhos to your Sainsbury’s Christmas shop and DM your receipt.

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