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Penrhos London Dry Gin

We are so thrilled to be a member of ‘The Gin Guide’ which was launched back in 2014 by spirits writer Paul Jackson. Paul’s mission is to enable consumers to find new gins, distilleries and different ways to enjoy gin. Paul now has one of the largest gin communities with over 98,000 followers online. We are so pleased with his wonderful review and look forward to working with Paul in 2021.Make sure you follow him @theginguide for amazing gin inspo!

The Gin Guide Review

Penrhos Gin delivers a wealth of uplifting floral aromas and flavours that instantly brings to mind the blooming trees of spring. Layered on a light and classic core of traditional botanicals are floral rose, hibiscus and cherry blossom, while cinnamon, cardamom and chamomile give soft and complementary depth. A subtle touch of honey balances and mingles with pink pepper to add further character, moving into the light and floral finish with a hint of liquorice. It’s a fragrant and flavoursome gin that carries its flavour very well in a Gin & Tonic, with pink grapefruit or mint making an ideal garnish for starting points.Paul Jackson, 2020

Penrhos Gin G&T


How to serve the ultimate Penrhos G&T

Fill a glass full of ice


50ML Penrhos Handcrafted Gin


Top up with Indian Tonic 


Garnish with frozen blueberries


Most importantly, relax & enjoy…..


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