Happy World Earth Day

Happy World Earth Day


With World Earth Day being more important than ever we wanted to fill you in on everything that we do here at Penrhos to play our part in protecting our planet.

At Penrhos we take our responsibilities as farmers and our role in preserving the environment very seriously.
Farming has a duel role in that it has to feed a growing world wide population while still preserving the landscape and environment for generations to come. Across our farming and drinks business we feel we have got the balance just about right.

We have livestock, arable and fruit enterprises on the farm. Each enterprise belongs to assurance schemes which ensures our produce is always of the very highest standard. We are always working hard to reduce our carbon footprint. We have solar panels which reduce the amount of electricity we use and biomass boilers which help us with heating that are fueled by recycled wood. All our plastic is recycled and all waste paper composted and used as an organic fertiliser. We use all the products from our arable enterprises on our farm eliminating lengthy journeys. Our farm is part of a national stewardship scheme whereby areas are taken out of production to aid biodiversity. We have areas of wild flowers and bird mix all over the farm which has risen the level of wildlife.

Penrhos bees

We also love our amazing bee’s and everything they do to keep our farm running smoothly. Our bee keeper mike the ‘honey badger’ has been extremely busy setting up a permanent apiary for all our bees. today we have around 40,000,000 flowers open in the cherry orchards, so there is plenty of nectar for the invaluable creatures.

Fresh Blueberries

We are always endeavoring to minimise waste and that was the catalyst for our drinks business. Rather than not being able to use fruit that may not make the supermarket standard we are able to use everything now to produce our fabulous range of award drinks. We think that using our own fruit that would otherwise be discarded to make something so special is pretty impressive.

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