International Gin and Tonic Day

International Gin and Tonic Day

International Gin and Tonic Day was founded in honour of gin lover Mary Edith Keyburn, who passed away aged 95 on that date in 2010 with a G&T in a teacup by her bedside in a hospital in the USA. Started by family and friends, the International Gin and Tonic Day Facebook page was established in 2012. Over the following years, it then spread from the US East Coast to the rest of the world.

Tips for creating the perfect G&T

Always start with plenty of ice. The more ice in the glass means less dilution, keeping your drink cooler and stronger for longer.  


When creating a G&T you need to think about what botanicals are used to create the gin. In the case of our London Dry we use our own blueberries which makes them the perfect garnish. 


Use a tonic that compliments the gin you are using. For a London Dry a crisp and classic Indian Tonic always works best. But, always being careful not to add too much tonic.

The Penrhos Perfect Serve

  1. London Dry 
  2. Indian Tonic
  3. Blueberries 

Over plenty of ice add 50ml Penrhos London Dry, Top up with Indian Tonic and garnish with blueberries.

Top tip: Freeze any left over blueberries and you will always have a garnish to hand. They also make the G&T a lovely pink colour.

Classic Penrhos G&T
Rhubarb Gin with Glass of Gin

The Rhubarb G&T

  1. Penrhos Rhubarb Gin
  2. Mediterranean Tonic
  3. Orange

Over plenty of ice add 50ml Penrhos Rhubarb Gin, top up with Mediterranean Tonic and garnish with a slice of Orange. Orange pairs perfectly with rhubarb and helps to bring out the natural sweetness. 

Top tip: Squeeze orange over the top of your G&T to get an extra fruity kick.

Slice up the rest of your orange and keep in the freezer for future Rhubarb G&T’s!

The Apple & Elderflower G&T

  1. Penrhos Apple & Elderflower
  2. Indian Tonic
  3. Apples

Over plenty of ice add 50ml Penrhos Apple & Elderflower Gin, top up with Indian Tonic and garnish with thin slices of apple. 

Top tip: For an ‘elderflower kick’ use elderflower tonic or for an ‘apple kick’ use a splash of cloudy apple juice.

Apple and elderflower gin and tonic
Zero Alcohol Free Raspberry and Glass

Alcohol Free z&T

For an alcohol-free G&T, over plenty of ice add 50ml Penrhos Zero Raspberry top up with Aromatic Tonic which pairs perfectly with fruits gins and garnish with raspberries.

Top tip: Just like your blueberries, freeze any leftover raspberries for future G&T’s. Elderflower tonic also adds a floral touch.

Use the code ‘ginandtonic’  for 10% off our farm-grown gins.

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