Penrhos Blueberry Gin Liqueur
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Christmas Mulled Blueberry Gin

Christmas Mulled Blueberry Gin It is hard to find something comparable to a classic G&T, but with the run-up to…

Zero Alcohol Free Raspberry with Raspberries

Our Penrhos Zero Raspberry is Here!

OUR PENRHOS ZERO, RASPBERRY IS HERE! We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our first non alcoholic botanical spirit is…

Rhubarb Flavours

What mixer should you use with Rhubarb gin?

HOW WE MAKE OUR RHUBARB GIN Our rhubarb is made by adding real rhubarb juice to our award winning London…

Apple & Elderflower gin

Why apple gin cocktails are the best!

Apple harvest is slowly coming to an end on the farm so we wanted to celebrate some amazing cocktails that…

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Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Penrhos Spirits crafts beautiful Award Winnings Gins in the County of Herefordshire. We produce smooth, tasty Gins and Liqueurs.

Fathers Day Cocktails

Fathers Day Penrhos Gin Cocktails

The Perfect Fathers day Cocktail ideas that can be made easily at home therefore making your fathers day more special.